Customer Testimonial

FCM is a marketing agency considered brand experts in the public and nonprofit sectors.  TriCuzz produced many award winning videos for this agency dealing with workforce development and community college opportunities. It was while working for them that the idea for the Mensch Project first started formulating. Video production that maximized its resources.

cross promotion videos

In this video, the client is talking about the value of the agency he hired to market his workforce development convention. Our production team was hired to produce several short videos about work done at the convention. We also produced 10 extra marketing videos for the agency that hired us by asking one more question of each of our interviewees.  Our producers know how to get more than one story from the same production. The secret sauce of the Mensch Project

A win win video... almost

This could be a wonderful testimonial from a former client about the value of working with Tricuzz Productions, but instead we are using it as a teaching tool. This is a great demonstration of the importance of good audio, and an example of producing win win exposure.