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Recovery from Domestic violence is possible. Both the abused and abuser can reclaim a life of meaning and purpose with counseling and support.  

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Our Videos have raised millions of dollars for various organizations.

Award Winning Team

Our team has earned multiple awards including 7 Tellys and 3 Commendations from the City of LA.

Video Portraits

From personal stories to nonprofit demos, producing content that counts is our mission. Check out our new i3 video series

content that counts

The i3 video was inspired by our desire to share the powerful possibilities when businesses look beyond the bottom line. The win is exponential.

A Video Portrait is a legacy that Can Fill Many Needs

This was one of our first Video Portraits that we were  commissioned to create. A Video Portrait is how we approach our legacy video productions. We gather the big picture elements but maintain a compelling storyline geared to be shown  on a special occasion. This particular video was shown at an 80th birthday and re-edited when the man featured was inducted into the Denver JCC Athletes Hall of Fame.

The gift that shows you care

A Video Portrait by TriCuzz productions is the perfect gift for the person who has everything. Our legacy video productions are treasured family heirlooms. Show mom and or dad how much you care by commissioning a video portrait. Your children and those to come will treasure this digital capture of your family's past.

About Us

Top-Quality Video Production


After 20 years of producing Celebrity Profiles of Hollywood's A list stars for most of the major studios, producer Cheryl Hiltzik joined her cousins, Nancy Alterman and Mitzi Townshend to form TriCuzz Productions, to produce quality storytelling videos about issues that mattered.  The TriCuzz team are passionate about their work, having earned numerous awards in the corporate and nonprofit sectors and with the Mensch project look forward to sharing that with the production of priceless family stories.

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Our Award-Winning Team

A short documentary about the profit driven corrections corporations and the human cost

TriCuzz productions has received multiple awards for our video production including 3 film festivals, a Davey, 3 Communicators and 7 Telly Awards, 

Our Clients

tennis clinic down syndrome, impact, video production

As a video production house we have worked for agencies big and small, providing the video content for  their clients including: the California Community Colleges, National Association of Workforce Boards and multiple nonprofits.

Video Services

Solo Starter for Entrepreneurs

mensch project bonus video, promote new product

Packages start at $2.500

video production

  • includes 1/2 -day filming 
  • 1 interview subject or topic
  • light editing to remove interviewer
  • stills or home-video footage.

Package deliverables - a lightly edited biography or family legacy videos with inclusion of family footage and stills, plus a 90 second social media video about their chosen topic.

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The Bigger Picture

telly awards, best short documentary, non profit awareness videos , cause content,

packages start at $4995


  • pre production interview and story outline
  •  1 full day shoot
  • up to 3 interviews about 1 individual
  • shoot b-roll 
  • detailed editing
  • archival footage
  • home movies
  • personal stills

Package deliverables A fully edited 8-10 minute biography and a social media short about their chosen topic

What our clients say

On Location

production audio and video producer and award winning editor and interviewer

Perhaps it is that once in a lifetime trip and you want the story to remember. Call for more information how our video production can come along and create the ultimate  family legacy videos

TriCuzz Tips

Camera lights action

Relax, breathe and speak in complete sentences. producer Cheryl Hiltzik gives  direction 


At TriCuzz Productions, we believe when profit and purpose are connected the win is exponential. We want to honor that theory and maximize the value of each production  with THE MENSCH PROJECT.   Family Legacy videos that take it a step further by incorporating our subjects passion for their particular non profit to create an additional stand alone video made at no charge.  It's our way to pay it forward. 

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Tips to create your own legacy video

With todays camera phones, anyone can be a filmmaker, so here are some tips to look like a pro.

1. Scout your location, be sure there are no awkward things in sight that might cause embarrassment. 

2. Check all of your gear to be sure your batteries are charged.

3. Choose a quiet location that will not be affected by outside light.

4. Have a list of the questions you want to ask that have images to support. But be sure to listen to your subject in case you need to follow up.

5. Breathe and enjoy, 


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Let us know more about your Video Portrait needs. From family legacy videos to marketing videos, we can customize our video production services to fit your specific needs. Tell us more about your ideas, and we'll get back to you soon with some answers.