our passion for a good cause starts here

From working with Hollywood movie stars to superstars of recovery, Cheryl Hiltzik has learned much about the power of a story told well. She also knows how to serve different needs from one production and thus The Mensch Package was conceived. 

The mensch package

 At TriCuzz Productions, we believe when profit and purpose are connected the win is exponential. We want to honor that theory and maximize the value of each production by offering THE MENSCH PACKAGE, which will include a seperate short video about the purpose, cause or business that fuels our subject's soul to be used as a stand alone piece.  Value $1500  included at no charge when ordering a legacy video

Walk in my shoes and Give

How do you get potential donors to understand the value of what you do? Produce a story they can relate to. There but for the grace of god go I. The result is amazing.

Raising a Resilient child

http://www.pikler.org Raising a child, It’s the role of a lifetime! Gabrielle Anwar believes in research and that is how she found this approach. Child development experts and a neuropsychologist gather to discuss the science available today that confirms the impact of the Pikler approach has on the developing brain, This was cut from that event - Mensch Project 

Changing Perceptions

Down syndrome 

Prostitution's Real Victims

We produced this video to help the nonprofit shape the narrative that would result in greater understanding  and compassion for these trafficked women. It was shown at a fundraising event.